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  • This is Koh Mak

  • This is Koh Mak

Koh Mak Animal Clinic

The new animal clinic is up an running. Your donations are still needed to help the daily running of the facility

Current progress of the building job

Building is finished.

Please Note: these numbers are an initial estimate. We expect to be pretty close but these values may vary (for example, if receiving sponsorship in the form of construction material instead of money).


You can register here and notify us of your intention to donate. This is not a binding registration. We will contact you to determine how you would like to transfer your donation. Please let us have at least one of the contact fields

If you wire to the account below:  please wire an uneven amount (10.007 and not 10.000) and tell us. That will make it easier to find you on the bank account, since Thai banks do not show who transferred the amount and also do not show the text you might have written in the notes field of your wire.

Wire to the Project Bank Account

You can wire directly to the project's bank account at:

Kasikorn Bank

Account Number: 1533191823

Accoun on the name of:

นาย ธานินทร์ สุทธิธนกุล และ น.ส. บุญเรือง อินศร และ น.ส. โรจมาน ศิริรัตน์

(Mr. Thanin Suthithanakul and Ms. Boonruang Insorn and Ms. Rojaman Sirirat)

Please notify us with the form above if your wire